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When Reality Meets Expectation

How to Deal When Friendships Don't Work Out

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Alright, y'all...I am about to break it down and by break it down, I mean lay it all out there... show you that I am, in fact, a real human being who has no idea what I am doing most of the time. I so mean it when I say that I get by on the 3Cs: Coffee, CocaCola and Christ! In this particular situation I find myself in (not for the first time, either) coffee and CocaCola ain't gonna cut it. I am leaning hard into Jesus to take the proverbial wheel in this one. You see, as I said, this isn't the first time this has happened and the other times, the answers didn't come right away, no matter how hard I prayed. They did come, and I guess deep down I know what to do this time, I just wish things would be different.

The predicament I find myself in is one that I know other people have gone through and are probably going through as we speak, it's that situation where you want so badly to be friends with someone, but it just ain't happenin'. For me it's happened with people that I am around often, co-workers and extended family members. You're around each other often, you have things in common, you have people in common, you get along well. In your mind, you will be the best of friends! You can totally see the two of you sipping coffee and sharing pics of your grandkids in the years to come. Then something happens... there's something in you they don't like or they have an annoying habit that you just can't get over and you realize that you aren't gonna be BFFs shopping the Black Friday sales together any time soon. It's a weird realization when things turn cold and distant. What do you do? Seriously, what do you do? The only thing I've come up with is that you just go with it. You leave it there. You're gracious and kind, but you don't push it. I suppose if you felt tugging on your heart to talk it out or pursue it, you could. It's a kind of strange realization for a sensitive, people-pleaser to realize that not everyone you want to be friends with will reciprocate. It's at those times you have to remember the friends that you do have and spend time with them. It's also key to remember who you are in God's eyes: Beloved. And that right there is the best friendship of all.

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