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When Prayers Are Answered...

My mom told me today that Uncle Benny found Grammy Shirley's Bible from 1943 when she was seven years old, a sweet present from her Grandmother. That gift, all those years ago is now a gift to my Mama--a beautiful Christmas gift. The Holidays are so hard for her since Grammy passed away in 2012 and I always pray she will feel God's love and peace, especially during these times. For her to receive this tangible item of comfort--what an amazing gift--a wink from God that He will come in the most interesting of ways, for His ways are not ours, but are always good and meaningful! And this reminder--this item--is a Bible! That Grammy Shirley who loved Jesus so much and lived her life telling everyone she knew about it, would be commemorated by God in our hearts as his very word is a beautiful gift.

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