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Silly Grown-ups, Coloring is For Kids


I consider myself a creative person.  I like to do arts and crafts with my kids.  I, however, found “Grown-up” Coloring Books to be an obnoxious fad.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to bust out the Crayola 64 and color the heck out of my son’s Minion coloring book or my daughter’s Hello Kitty one, but when it came to the idea of a coloring books just for grown-ups, I thought it a little self-indulgent.  And the fact they were being marketed as “relaxing,” and “stress relief,” give me a break. 


Then something happened…

My husband bought my daughter one. As I sat with her while she was coloring, I was drawn in. The intricate patterns on one page and then the next mesmerized me like a kaleidoscope turning and turning…Before I knew it I was adding color to my very own Grown-up Coloring Book.


Since that fateful day I have learned a few things about coloring as a grown-up…

1. Coloring IS relaxing. There is something about sitting quietly at a table, concentrating on the task at hand and adding beautiful color of your choice to a picture. The coloring has a rhythmic quality to it, a back and forth up and down motion that lulls your mind to a quiet place.

Finding my Zen coloring inspirational quotes.

2. Coloring IS social. You might think something that is relaxing like coloring might be best done alone, but this is not the case. I have found that sitting at the table coloring my picture, while my 7-year-old colors hers, has opened up dialogue between us. From silly musings about the goings-on in her cartoons to serious questions about the upcoming school year, this time has provided us a chance to talk and share.

Beautiful flowers colored by my girl.

3. Coloring DOESN’T have to be perfect. This was a hard one for me and one that surprised me about myself. I am always reassuring my daughter when she colors outside the lines, “it’s only a small bit of the picture and unnoticeable.”  Well, it turns out, I needed to take my own advice. When I first started coloring, I thought, “this is kid’s stuff, of course I’ll stay in the lines,” but have you seen those small lines in Grown-up Coloring books? This was a good reminder for me that perfection isn’t the end all and that in coloring and in life, one small mess up doesn’t ruin the whole picture.

…and…Coloring DOESN’T have to be just for kids! It can be relaxing and therapeutic, can open dialogue with you and your children, and can even (sigh) teach you about yourself.

Please, share your masterpieces below!

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