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Reaching Out-Looking In-Writing Again

On Blogging...

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I started this Blog adventure back in March with big expectations and a lot of trepidation, the way I start most things. Throughout the last eight months I have written on here way less than I thought I would and I have had more insecurity about my writing than I anticipated. I have always been known for my words, whether writing them, or speaking them aloud, language is just part of who I am. My mom says it's because she took a college English class while she was pregnant with me and I just absorbed all that literary beauty in utero, I don't really remember that, but I do know that reading and writing has been an escape and a lifeline ever since I can remember. It has also been something that others have recognized in me, but I have shied away from. Why have I? I'm not quite sure. It is like these words, this writing life is wooing me and I am playing hard to get. Opportunities arise, sometimes out of nowhere for me to write or read or edit and I enter into them excited, but so nervous and so self-conscious. Despite being confident in other areas of my life and despite having received encouragement and praise for my writing, the insecurities persist. Why is this? What am I so afraid of? This fear has been holding me back these last eight months, but I have fallen under the spell once again of the power of language and I am committing myself to sharing with you, with the world, my thoughts. I am excited-renewed-ready to share with you the beauties and struggles and mundane and fantastic of parenthood and life! Won't you come along...?

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