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Politics on the Front Porch


To talk politics or not . . .

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While this appeared in my "Minorcan Mama," advice column in the April 2016 issue of St. Johns Magazine, I feel that it is a timeless message applicable to any election, local, state or national.

Dear Minorcan Mama,

The 2016 Presidential Election is coming up and everywhere I turn, people are asking me who I am voting for, what should I do? What’s your advice on talking politics?


To Politic or Not to Politic

To Politic or Not to Politic,

My first reaction is to tell you, “Don’t.”  But, you know what, I come from a long line of speak-their-mind-Minorcans, and it was from those front porch politics sessions that I gained perspective and knowledge. Now, I am not encouraging you to get as “passionate” about it as my dad and my grandpa, heaven knows, but I do think that you should discuss what you feel comfortable discussing. The only advice I would give you is to know your audience and be gracious. The 2016 election will come and go, but you will have to face your friends, family, and coworkers for a long time to come! Measure your words wisely.

Talk or not, but make sure you VOTE!

Minorcan Mama

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