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November 2016, The USA (Seems like we already got a wall.)

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November 2016

The month we are supposed to count our blessings,

We are too busy counting votes. 

The month we are supposed to break bread with family,

Families and friendships are literally breaking over a Presidential Election.

The month we are supposed to be giving to others,

We are busy tearing each other down.

Seems like we already got a wall in this old USA,

And we gotta start dismantling it today.

So, what will you do?

Let the hate fester and grow

Or befriend someone you don’t know?

Will you reach out and put a friendship on the mend?

Make it a new beginning and not a contentious end?

We the People are the ones that make the USA,

We have the power to move it the right way…

Build a bridge, tear down this wall,

With Liberty and Justice for all.

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