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Musin' on Motherhood...

What IS motherhood?

This blog journey has caused me to think about motherhood more than I ever have before. I have had lots of thoughts about it, started many blog posts on the subject, but I still haven’t arrived at one nice, tidy, little conclusion about it. I can’t sum it up in one succinct, well-organized entry on this page because it is not something that can be understood that way. Motherhood is different for every woman and that is the beauty of it. Motherhood is truly the meeting of all of your unique, wonderful, magical qualities with the personality and needs of your child. What then happens between the two of you that is where the journey is. We are all unique creatures, mothers and children, so all of our journeys are different and special. You, mama, you are special, your babies are special and your motherhood journey will be special, too. Keep these thoughts in mind as you venture on. And I will keep musing on motherhood and we’ll see where it leads.

What is ‘motherhood’ to you?

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