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Food Friday:

Loaded Potato Soup


"Hearty Hermine" Edition

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It’s “Food Friday,” y’all! This week is a “Hearty Hermine” edition! On Wednesday, when Tropical Storm Hermine was projected to make landfall Thursday night, I thought to myself… “Soup!”  When storms blow off of the Atlantic or Gulf Coast, nothing soothes my tummy or my mind like some warm, comfort food. Not just any comfort food would do this time, it had to be soup, and it had to be hearty! Baked Potato Soup immediately came to mind! I have a recipe for a quick and easy Baked Potato Soup, but I wanted something with a little more to it. After some Google investigating, I found “Loaded Potato Soup,” from Betty Crocker! With bacon AND ham this soup is definitely hearty…and hearty for a storm like Hermine! Mister Two and Miss Seven both gobbled it up and asked for seconds! They also went to bed fairly easily, and I credit this deliciously thick and creamy, soul-satisfying soup with doing the trick!

Find the link for this delicious Betty Crocker recipe at the end of this post. The following are my variations and recommendations:

*Follow the recipe!

This recipe requires you to make your one roux, do it; don’t be tempted to substitute any cream-of-whatever soups! Making the roux (the butter, flour, milk step) only takes a few minutes and makes all the difference!

Also, reserving the bacon grease to saute the onions adds another level of rich, home cooked flavor, don’t skip it!

*Serve it well!

It’s Loaded Baked Potato Soup---Serve it with plenty of baked potato toppings! I went with shredded cheddar (always shred it myself—melts better!), bacon bits (store bought and leftover from the recipe—we like bacon!), and sour cream, of course!

I love serving soup with a big loaf of bread with melted butter! Who doesn’t like bread and butter? And the kids (and maybe the parents, too) love dipping it in the creamy soup!

I served steamed broccoli on the side until Mister Two came up with a brilliant idea—add it to the soup! It made for a delicious addition! Since broccoli is a yummy addition to baked potatoes, it only made sense!

Betty Crocker Recipe, "Loaded Potato Soup

As always, Betty delivers! Delicious and hearty recipe!

Taking a quick, hazy, drizzly, after-dinner walk before the storm hit.

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