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Election Day 2016 with the Kiddos

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It’s Election Day!

Today is the day! Miss Seven is at the age where kids at school have been talking about the election, so we have talked to her about the process, about the role the President plays in our country, and a little about our first President, George Washington, because ever since my trip to the Mount Vernon teacher conference, he’s a favorite of mine. We have not talked much about the specific candidates with her and she hasn’t seen much about them on television. She is a highly sensitive child and knowing her as only her parents can, we feel this is the best path for her at this age. We definitely want her to understand how our country works and to instill in her an appreciation of voting, so that is where we started. Every parent can decide how they approach these things with their children. (How did you talk to your kids about the election? Let's talk about it in the comments.)

Miss Seven was excited about Election Day, so I took her and Mister Three with me to vote. All of the Poll Workers and other Voters were awesome! People kept saying ‘hi’ to her and thanking her for coming out. It was awesome to see the excitement on her face and it made me remember that we are very blessed to have a free election in our country. There was a time when women and poor folks in my very own family couldn’t vote, and now I have the opportunity! Remembering this quickened my step and made me so proud.

For all of the flaws of our system, I still do believe in America. I believe in our Republic. I believe in voting. And I believe in all of the people that make this country great!

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