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Artistic Autumn

Fun, Fall Crafts for the Fam

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Y'all! It's Fall! This is my favorite time of the year! I just love the chill in the air, okay, maybe it’s not a chill per se, but us Floridians can tell when the temp drops from 90 to 80, am I right? I love everything about Fall--the beautiful colors, the pumpkins, hot chocolate, campfires, and college football! I also really love Fall crafts! Here are two of my favorite crafts that you can do together, as we did in these photos, or you can do separately. One utilizes apples, which are a Fall favorite and can be done after you visit one of the fantastic apple orchards in Georgia! The other uses items that are easy to find and *free* and celebrates the beautiful colors of the season!

Apple Stamping




Paint and bowls or plates

Paint Brushes


1. Cut apples crosswise, so that the core creates a star shape. Remove any seeds that are showing and blot the apple dry.

2. Set out bowls or plates of paint.

3. Dip apples in paint and then, using the paint brush, spread the paint on the apple.

4. Use the apples as stamps to create pictures and pattern on the paper of your choice. This is also a cool craft to do if you would like to make patterned wrapping paper using brown butcher paper.

The Colors of Fall Trees


Poster board or Cardstock

Medium-sized sticks

Paint Chips in Fall colors


Hot Glue Gun

Glue or Glue Sticks


Prepare your supplies

1. Collect Paint Chips from your local Hardware Store in Fall Colors and then cut individual colors into leaf shapes.

2. If using poster board, cut it into the size you want. I cut it into fourths.

Go on a walk

3. Gather your kids together and go on a walk to collect sticks. Use this time to talk about the different seasons and discuss the qualities of Fall.

Get Crafty

4. Break sticks into 4”-6” segments and then (adults) hot glue to the poster board or card stock. In these phots we only did one tree, but you can certainly make a forest!

5. Let your kids glue the Paint Chip leaves any way they like on the tree.

Miss Seven's Autumnal Artwork

Mister Three's Fall Tree

Head on over to my Facebook front porch, "Minorcan Mama" and share some of your Fall crafts!

Enjoy the Season!

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