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50 Things to Do in the PPU Line on-going list...

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Do you pick up your child from school using the Parent Pick Up Line? If so, and you get there a few minutes (or more) early, here are some useful things you can check off your to-do list!

1. Clean your car!

Diana mentioned this on my Facebook Page and I couldn't agree more! She is a lady after my heart! I always keep a few plastic shopping bags in my car, so I can clean it out! Since having kids, I have also started stashing Lysol wipes in the driver door, so that I can clean up spills but also so I can wipe down the dashboard and console if I have time. If you don't have Lysol wipes, do not despair, all us Mamas know that Baby Wipes can pretty much do it all in a pinch!

2. Manicures and (gasp) pedicures!

I may have filed my nails and done a coat of polish a time or two, and why not? The A/C vent is the perfect nail dryer, after all! I was surprised, however, when my friend, and Facebook follower, Laurel, suggested pedicures. I am still waiting on the photo proof I requested, but I guess it can be done, just turn your car off first.

3. Read!

And not on a device! Pick up a newspaper, magazine, or novel and read! I love catching up on home and garden ideas in Better Homes and Garden and Real Simple, both my favorites! I also enjoy checking out books from the library and then reading them while I wait.

4. Keep up with Correspondence!

As in, write cards to people. I know, I know, it's an antiquated art, but something that I enjoy doing. It can really brighten up someone's day to find a card just for them in the mailbox and not just junk mail and bills. My favorite place to pick up cards is the dollar section at Michael's Craft store, they have tons of options for all occasions, are reasonably priced and easy to stash in my purse, so I can fill them out when I have the opportunity. When not in use, I keep them tucked in my address book with a book of stamps.

5. Floss Your Teeth!

Because dental health is important no matter where you are! And if the parent in the car next to you gives you a funny look, offer them some floss!

6. Knit or Sew!

All the hipsters are wearing beanies this winter, don't be left out... use your time in the PPU to craft a cool creation for yourself or your favorite Hipster friend!

7. Arch Your Eyebrows!

The afternoon sunlight, the handy-dandy, close-up mirror, and time to kill create the perfect scenario to get those eyebrows in shape... and if you pluck too much...

8. Do Your Make-up!

Went a little overboard with #7? Fill in your eyebrows with a pencil or brush! Thick eyebrows are all the rage, so create them if you can't grow them! Finish the rest of your face and you are ready for a fabulous afternoon...werk!

9. Trim Your Beard!

Men, don't feel left out with my tips for the ladies, use this chance to trim up your facial hair! Just make sure you clean up after yourself, no leaving little hairs on the steering wheel.

10. Practice Seat-Belt Selfies!

All the cool 'rents have 'em, Selfies wearing the seatbelts, 'cause what's cooler than being safe!?!? Now that you have your make-up on and your facial hair on fleek, turn that iPhone camera around and strike a pose. Use the time you got to perfect your pout! Forget duck lips, or fish face, werk the "Parent Pose," kinda stern, kinda smirk, kinda tired and needing a Starbucks drive-thru ASAP.

11. Laundry!

Okay, I have not reached this level of motherhood yet, I'll admit. My cousin Alicia actually mentioned it and I fell down at her feet in awe, until she admitted she was kidding, kind of... I guess you could bring that laundry basket and knock out a load.

12. Call Your Mama!

Or any other relative that you need to catch up with!

***Do you have an idea? Pop it in the comments below, or come on over to the Facebook Front Porch and share it with the rest of us!***

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